Collection: Chark

If you know you know.

Chihuahuas are small, cute, charming, affectionate, funny and playful little dogs. They also bark at everything, and nothing. And when they're not happy they BITE! Try to pin a Chihuahua down and those jaws swivel 360 degrees to snap at you from all directions. And their little teeth are sharp! It's the Chihuahua who should have been dubbed Landshark. Instead, we raise you the Chark: Chihuahua + Shark = Chark. Never mind shark attack.

If you love a cheeky, feisty - vicious - chi, then our humorous Chark collection is for you.

These punky monstrosities by designer and chi mum Renate Kriegler are a black long-haired chihuahuas with the faces of great white sharks - showing off jaws lined with lots of sharp teeth.

Chark attack! Small dog, big heart. Big bark, big bite! Beware of the Chihuahua. Chi on guard. Chihuahuas rule!