Collection: Chihuahuas and Roses

Forget Guns N' Roses; Chimigos gives you Chihuahuas and Roses! 
T-shirts, hoodies, shoes, hats, bags, cups, flasks, phone cases, airpods cases, chihuahua jackets and more for doting Chihuahua mummies and daddies.
Designs feature a black and white longhair chihuahua surrounded by a romantic love heard of roses, and wording like "doting chihuahua mummy", "doting chihuahua daddy", "I love my daddy" and "I love my mummy".
There are gift ideas for anyone who love chihuahuas - women, men, teens, kids, wife, girlfriend, husband, boyfriend, grandparents, son, daughter, friend, colleague... Especially perfect for Mother's Day or Father's Day!