Collection: ChiMama - Chihuahua Mama

Know a doting Chihuahua mummy? Our ChiMama (Chihuahua Mama) collection of gift ideas will surprise and delight them! Artist Renate Kriegler's striking digital collage depicts a madonna and child icon with a difference - she's a chi mama and her pup is the bestest little baby in the whole wide world. (Every dog is special! Every dog was made in heaven just for their human parent.) A very unique and unusual design you won't see anywhere else!

The growing collection of ChiMama women's tops, mugs and wall art make cute gifts for devoted chi mums on Mother's Day (Mothering Sunday) or you wedding anniversary, or a fabulous birthday, Christmas or Secret Santa gift for your chihuahua-mad girlfriend, wife, friend, daughter, sister, mum, aunt or colleague.

And real men love Chihuahuas too! (Check out our Chihuahuas and Roses collection, which features gorgeous items for doting chihuahua daddies!)