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Love is Love - Rose Diversity Fashion Hoodie for Dogs

Love is Love - Rose Diversity Fashion Hoodie for Dogs

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Love is Love. At Chimigos we like to say it with roses! Red roses, pink roses, white ones and yellow ones, brown and orange, grey, black, purple, blue and green. Showy ones, shy ones, big, small, plump and plain. There is nothing more beautiful than a big bunch of mixed flowers. And the same goes for the diversity of humankind. In the words of James, "There's only one human race. Many faces. Everybody belongs here".

Consider this: All humans are the same species, as are dogs! Dogs aren't xenophobic, so if you celebrate love and diversity, let your dog show it with this multi-coloured rose print hoodie - available in all dog sizes XXS through XXL!

This zip-up dog jacket sports a cute hoody with an on-trend flat drawstring and a super handy velcro pouch pocket on the back saying "Love is Love". A small opening allows you to click a leash onto their harness underneath the jacket. The inside is brushed fleece to keep your furry friend cosy on walkies, or on cold winter nights cuddling on the sofa. The pattern and colours were carefully chosen to maximise practicality. There's no point in a pretty white and pink jacket when your best friend loves to play in the mud! And of course it's unisex.

An adorable birthday or Christmas gift for open-hearted dog parents, or indeed for their inspiring four-legged children. 

Please follow the instructions in the size guide and measure your dog for the perfect fit.

• 20% cotton, 75% polyester, 5% spandex
• Soft cotton handfeel fabric surface
• Brushed fleece fabric on the inside
• Nylon zipper front closure
• Sturdy velcro pocket on the back
• Small opening on the back for dog harness

Neck 10 11 12 14 16 18 20 ½
Chest 14 ½ 18 21 24 ½ 30 ½ 36 ½ 42 ½
Back 8 11 13 16 ½ 21 23 27

Centimeters XXS XS S M L XL 2XL
Neck 25.4 27.9 30.5 35.6 40.6 45.7 52.1
Chest 36.8 45.7 53.3 62.2 77.5 92.7 107.9
Back 20.3 27.9 33 41.9 53.3 58.4 68.6

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Which measurement should I pay extra attention to?

    The most important measurement is the chest, as this will determine how loose or tight the zip-up hoodie will be. Make sure you're as accurate as possible.

  • How does the sizing chart work?

    The chart shows the exact measurements of our zip-up hoodies. For comfort leave about 1"/2.5cm for comfort.

  • What if my dog is between sizes?

    We always recommend to order the bigger size. Some more room for movement is much more comfortable for your dog.

  • My dog has a lot of fur. Should I include that in my measurement as well?

    Yes, definitely. Fluffier dog breeds should have their fur compressed slightly but comfortably when measuring.

  • Are the drawstrings on the hood just for display or functional?

    The drawstrings are functional. They can be used to tighten the hood if needed.

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